Are the society training us to be a sheep?

In an office, the interviewer sat down with the interviewee, asking them generic questions “Tell me about yourself”, “Why you feel you are qualified for this job?” and such; interviewee respond with appropriate generic answers. Then, interviewer hands a white piece of paper to the interviewee and said, “Show us your value with this piece of paper”.
Interviewee was surprised at first, uncertain how to react to appropriately to this challenge, gave it a brief thought, and starts to write his objectives, his qualities, and the values he can bring to the company; he starts to draw graphs and even gave some hypothesized statistics of company’s potential growth and strategies. “I think I ace it!” As he hands the paper over to the interviewee with full of facts, data, objectives, and his value to the company. What do you think is the outcome? Did the man ace the interview or not?
I don’t have an ending, the outcome is for your imagination.

Just like you are given that “blank-piece-of-paper” life you have, what would you do? And...are you aware there are other ways to show your value instead of document it on that piece of paper?
Before we understood what’s going on, we are already in a pattern... grow up, go to school, learn, more school, graduate, job, maybe change a few jobs before we land on a career, perhaps get married, have kids...how about the pattern of daily routine? Get up, brush and groom, breakfast, school or work, home, eat dinner, tv/internet, sleep...stuff like that. Certainly these ‘pattern’ won’t apply to everyone on the face of the Earth, but I’m talking about the vast majority of us, living in the first world with our first world problems. We are trained so well to adapt to this system that anything outside the norm will certainly make us feel uncomfortable. Anything that we are not familiarized, we usually try to avoid.
Why? Why are we so obedient like a sheep? Because we are scared of uncertainty.
It's much easier to go day by day and follow the pattern and known system than to invent your own. but reality as we know, nothing is certain. It could be death, it could be disease, it could be love, it could be catastrophic events beyond our control. Not knowing what's lies in our future give us fear or excitement, depends on personal view.
With no one to guide us ahead to lead us through uncertainty, we fear from lack knowledge, experience, and confidence to overcome it. Often, we feel comfortable doing what everyone else is doing so we fit in, we are ‘normal’, we ‘belong somewhere’, and we ‘can relate to the people similar to us’. Contrasting, those who are labelled ‘weird’ go against the crowd, follow their own instinct and judgement gained valuable experience and priceless epiphanies.
So...are you flexible to changes? Can you adapt to uncertainty? Are you capable of doing stuff that’s outside of the norm? What's holding you back to not going after what you desire and make the most out of your life? Most people are not comfortable and not willing to do so... I was there, I know the delusional feeling of 'safe', 'comfort', and 'stability' from following the same pattern or system that everyone is following, but after stepping out of my comfort zone and explored what's out there, I was irritated by the old system and don't want to go back.
Remember those school days, kids are taught with various topics in the same room. The teacher would ask them to solve the equation, they solved the equation. Ask them to read the books, they read the books, do the homework, get good grades, complete academics, achieve excellence, give them all the tools they need to enhance learning and stuff them with knowledge to face the world. After the kids graduated, they are thrown into the society facing the reality. Now what? There’s no textbook to guide them anymore. There's no simple solution or one answer to help them live a ‘successful life’. There’s no book that teach kids what ‘their happiness’ is or what they should value. Those intangible things will only be acquire through experience. 
Ask yourself, if you stripped away the norm, the responsibilities of bills, the urge of obligation for social norms, the daily routine of rituals, and realization that you could really have full authority to choose what you want to do, escape from the cookie cutter life, absolutely free to do anything, what would you do?

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